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Of Ireland’s 900 native plants species, the Burren is home to 70% – including the mountain avens, an Arctic-Alpine plant brought here by glaciers in the last Ice Age.

They say the moon is made of cheese – but we think it could be limestone!

Like a huge outdoor museum, there are over 80 tombs scattered across this sparse terrain, dating from the Mesolithic era right through the Iron Age.

Once Christianity began to make its mark on Ireland, the Burren was no different; visit Corcomroe Abbey to see a particularly awe-inspiring example of a 13th-century Cistercian monastery.

It’s a silence as layered as the undulating landscape itself, filled with the riches of Irish history; of aeons of stories, told and untold.

All around you is pale grey stone ribboned with crags and crevices; miniature cliffs spread like mosaics as far as the horizon; and a microcosm of Ireland’s wildlife thrives.

Except where stated, those issued up to 1967 (under the 1925 Act) were called "Summer Time Order ".When it comes to meeting people online, sometimes you just don’t want to swipe anymore.Or maybe you never started swiping and you would prefer a more immersive date-finding experience (that might cost you a few dollars).Although the rock may appear bare and barren, the agricultural tradition is strong, dating back almost 6,000 years.Countless livestock graze the hills in winter, clearing the ground of tough grasses and making way for the delicate plant life to flourish in spring.

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Ireland therefore operates one hour behind standard time during the winter period, and reverts to standard time in the summer months.

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