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First in January was 42-year-old Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, the founder of two transgender beauty pageants, who was beaten and stabbed in her home, leading police to charge her husband with murder.Mere days later, 33-year-old Viccky Gutierrez, as the reported, was stabbed to death and then had her home lit on fire, allegedly by a man she met online who was attempting to rob her.As Buzz Feed also reported, a new anti-transgender military policy could come as soon as Feb.21, after Trump’s initial ban suffered defeats in court last year.“Sure, there are a few transgender people on TV and in the movies now, but I think people in my position have been falsely conditioned to believe that a certain kind of media visibility precedes a deluge of acceptance.”Is it any surprise that anti-transgender violence is not abating in 2018 when the federal government seems determined not to protect this marginalized community, but to actively persecute it instead?Former prosecutor-turned-therapist Hailey Dean is a powerhouse, Mensa bright, and acutely observant.During a tragic week, one of her patients loses her parents to separate fatal accidents along with millions of dollars that has seemingly vanished into thin air.

But for those who are most at risk of violence and discrimination, there’s no reason to automatically assume that 2018 should be any safer for the transgender community than 2017 or 2016 or 1999.

As a recent GLAAD survey suggested, even American support for same-sex couples has the potential to backslide.

I think, like too many people who are shielded from the worst forms of discrimination, I saw media visibility on the rise a few years ago and assumed that cultural acceptance for my community would automatically follow.

But after years of reading and writing about anti-transgender violence—after a half-decade of digesting a steady stream of stories that end in stabbing and beatings and shootings and drownings—I have come to know how mistaken I was.

The “Transgender Tipping Point,” as labeled it in 2014, won’t happen on TV or at an awards ceremony in a fashion show, although these phenomena certainly have their influence.

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