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Yet related debates have even spread to Swedish swimming pools, where many cities now offer women-only hours in an effort to accommodate conservative Muslim residents, as The Christian Science Monitor reported this month.

That gap is projected to narrow in coming decades "mainly because of the decreasing gap in life expectancy," said Eurostat spokeswoman Baiba Grandovska.That imbalance could grow to 115-to-100 this year when the impact of last year's record number of asylum-seekers — including more than 35,000 unaccompanied minors — is reflected in the population statistics.Valerie Hudson, director of a program on women, peace and security at Texas A&M University, said this should make Swedes concerned, because her research has linked skewed sex ratios in China and India to more violence against women and higher crime levels.What's happening in Sweden, Hudson said, "is one of the most dramatic alterations of demography over such a short period of time that I've ever seen." She called it ironic that a country considered a beacon of women's rights isn't paying more attention to the issue."Are people thinking about whether this could undermine the gains that have been made by Swedish women over the last 150 years? Other feminist researchers disagree."Hogwash," said Jacqui True, a professor of politics and international relations at Monash University in Australia.How many men there are in a population matters less than how much a society is shaped by "hyper-masculine" gender characteristics such as aggression and hierarchies where males are preferred, True said.

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