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Perhaps you feel like you’re more suited to date someone your own age. She accepted your offer to go on a first date, clearly she doesn’t feel weird about it, neither should you.It’s actually natural for men to date younger women.We don't want them anyway."—Aly“[People] who aren't available — no matter how great the excuse is — aren't worth your time. Spend your twenties investing in yourself — living the best life you can fathom and cultivating yourself into someone with things to talk about, hobbies and passions, someone who has traveled and stretched beyond childhood comforts and familiarities.The age old excuses of 'I really like you but I'm... Despite the familiarity that such relationships have bred, there are still ways to improve these evolutionary sanctioned dynamics.

Sadly, there is no way to go back in time — no matter how many #TBT and #FBF photos are posted on Instagram — but there is a way to get a head start on falling in love in your 30s. With these helpful tips from women who have already beat you to the punch:“There is not an expiration date on your attractiveness!

Perhaps dating a 16 year-old when you were 18 didn’t pose many challenges.

But when she’s 24 and you’re 32, that age gap might present a curveball or two.

It’s also quite likely that she’s into you because you’re not a callow young 20-year-old.

Young –yet mature women- are looking for men that give it to them straight and don’t play petty mind games.

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