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This also happens to be the second most busy traveling season for Chinese tourists (given that it’s a 3-day holiday followed by Golden Week’s 7-day holiday in October).As a result, Airbnb’s optimal launch time allowed it to fully capture the two busiest times of travel in China.Starbucks then asked its followers to share their mood using emoji.In response to the chosen emoji, Starbucks replied with a personalized album of songs, which people could listen to before, during or after getting coffee.Consumers could scan the QR code printed on the cups for a chance to become a VIP member and receive additional discounts.The QR code directed consumers to follow Starbucks’ We Chat public account in order stay up-to-date on the latest promotions.Starbucks Starbucks is another example of a successful We Chat campaign for spreading awareness.

Many people loved this feature and resonated with the music, so they shared it with all of their friends in “moments”, generating further momentum.Airbnb began with a timed release of its “free nights” promotion specific to the theme of the festival.It began with an article describing its themed residences abroad, which are unique places that would usually cost thousands of dollars per night but free for lucky travelers who are selected.These can be organized officially by Airbnb or by passionate individuals.These groups remain after the sharing session for participants to stay in touch, share information and engage afterwards.

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In fact, it was so successful that Airbnb continued to do its “free nights” promotions for major holidays in the years to come, tailoring campaigns to different festivals and cultural phenomenon.

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