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Part time and full time - This job is on a self-employed basis, you will be responsible for your own tax affairs. All text messages must be answered via our admin control panel on a PC or Laptop - not a mobile phone device or i Pad/Tablet.Sucessful applicants will be required to answer a short test of between 10 and 15 questions online in order to guauge the suitability of your skills to this job.You get pictures of a model, get assigned a character and get paid to send sexy texts from home under another alias. But where abouts would you find a job doing this sort of thing? And yes I've had a look on Google but it doesn't seem to be that easy. Dunno how much it pays but is probably easy money, and I guess pretty amusing!It's not something I'd be certain I'd do but I'd look into it. Gonna get negged for this so bad but reading up on it, it seems so easy.Your identity will not be known to customers, and you will simply be assuming the persona the customer is texting to, and answer accordingly using your PC .Description: We are seeking adult text message admins to answer messages for our adult sms text network. Earn 10p for every message you answer.(Min 100 characters, max 160 characters). – Rates up to € 0,12 for each answered message (10 euro an hour). You can contact me for more information or go to website. We specialize in providing nothing short of awesome erotic chat sessions and phone conversations with our clients. Busy Company who has just raised their rate of pay is hiring both females and males (who are comfortable speaking with men) from the USA to Take Phone Sex Calls From Home!

The role that's closest to what you want to do would be Facilitator (

Compensation is based on the number of text messages you send. A simple application form can be filled out at Apply at: We have been in the Text Chat business for 5 years.

Gonna get negged for this so bad but reading up on it, it seems so easy. Look for the website at the bottom of the text bit which contains the terms and conditions.

They are not recruiting at the moment (they are trying to get more traffic), but you can sign up to their waiting list. In addition to the Facilitator role I have shown you: There is the Fact Finder role: Facilitator pays 3p per sent text message, but you could get a lot done, since they just tend to be advice about everyday issues Fact Finder pays 7p per sent text message, because you need to search the internet (they give you some tools to help) and add the link as a reference including other rules you have to follow: (e.g.

strict correct spelling of Cha Cha, answer has to be in the first sentence (I think?

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  1. In confidence I shared my medical condition with my manager who in turn googled this and told co-workers based on her "research" I was capable of working - no testing was available to diagnosis. I suffered an injury outside of work requiring surgery. cleared me to return a week later with restrictions.