Advice on dating older man

Think further down the line: would you be willing to be their step-mother?

Dating a beautiful younger woman such as you may revitalize him and work up an appetite he hasn't had since he was in college.

Just be patient and don’t let new situations bring you down.

When you are dating a guy, there are always things you have to think about- how to do your hair, will he notice your new dress, how to surprise him on some special occasion, etc.

And while he might think Creedence Clearwater Revival is the best band ever or that "M. Don't let the cultural and generation gaps stand in your way; embrace it and grow together from it.

When he mentions something from yesteryear that you may have only heard about in your high school history class, don't blow it off; ask him about it.

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When you are younger, going out and socializing is more of the way of life.

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