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He is also quite arrogant, frequently bragging about how great he is.Bender has no emotion about committing crimes and often steals people's wallets or items from shops.Bender Bending Rodriguez (Model: bending unit 22) is a bending unit (serial number: 2716057), who works at Planet Express as Assistant Manager of Sales, formerly chef of the company.He is one of the main characters and is known for his "in-your-face interface".He gave up on that when Fry claimed that he was his only friend in the future.Along with Leela and Fry, he joined Planet Express as a crew member.Without this unit Bender was recognized as defective and therefore not to tarnish Mom's Company he would need to be destroyed.However, Hermes (who worked at Mom's Robot Company back then) was in charge of destroying defective robots and chose not to kill Bender .

Like turtles he can withdraw into his chest when he chooses to.

He also breathes fire whenever he burps and when he is terrified he sometimes ejects bricks from his backside which is his variant of defecation.

(This is a reference to the slang phrase, to "s**t bricks", meaning to be very scared or surprised.) Although he usually only does this while in a state of shock, he has also done it after eating an Olestra potato chip from the 20th century.

Bender Bending Rodriguez was built in the year 2996 in Tijuana, Mexico by Mom's Friendly Robot Company.

Bender was built without a backup unit, which is meant to help him backup data so that if his body was destroyed he could upload his data into another body.

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