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However, due to his silent behavior, it’s pretty hard to say whether he is single or currently occupied.With the statement, he is not a married man and has not gone through any phase such as divorce, wife, and children things.nothing has made me happier than spending my entire sunday breaking down a script to direct.

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it’s just the Riviera 🤔 @ French Riviera Ce D4wn/… I've heard that you will give 200 dollars for my head.

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In addition to the above he has essayed role in Still Goy, Voodoo Moon, October Road, Passions, Lincoln Heights, 90210, The Lying Game, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Beauty & the Beast, Satisfaction and many more are some his film credits. His second television appearance was in 2006 to 2006 in the series The Young and the Restless.

Redford made his television debut much before he got to act in movies. His third well-known television appearance was in Voodoo Man which came in the year 2006.

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