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There's a particular emphasis on the Gallo-Roman period with numerous fine displays illustrating the artistic, social, religious, and intellectual life of Luxembourgers from the 16th to the early 20th centuries.

It was built as the city's original city hall in 1572 - a role it served until 1795 - switching eventually to its present use as the Grand-Ducal Place in 1890.On the Bock plateau itself are the remains of the old castle, discovered in 1963.There are beautiful views of the suburb of Grund and the Rham Plateau, the old 19th-century barracks, and the big towers and remains of the Wenceslas wall dating from 1390.Nearby is the 16th-century House of Raville with its beautiful façade, well-restored balcony, and spiral staircase.Other notable landmarks are the Spanish Turret with its superb views of the Pfaffenthal suburb and the old cavalry-barracks of Vauban, dominated by Fort Thüngen, also known as the 'Three Acorns' for the three acorns that adorn each of its three towers.

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The fortress was so impregnable, it was dubbed the "Gibraltar of the North," and although the original fortress was dismantled between 18, its impact upon the Old Quarter is evident everywhere.

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