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Many of these folks would like to get married and have families of their own, but they often ruin their chances by putting the cart before the horse.

Sex isn't something a relationship starts with; it's something that comes after the relationship has been established, and that takes time to build.

In 2016, President Donald Trump won Michigan by only 11,000 votes over Hillary Clinton.

The actress’s 2020 fund website describes the three Michigan organizations slated to receive money from her campaign.

Michigan is one of three swing states being targeted by a new campaign started by actress and Democratic activist Alyssa Milano.

Milano is partnering with Movement Voter Project to raise money for grassroots organizations in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to defeat the “orange-haired guy.” Organizations that receive money from this fund will “empower youth, immigrants, women, people of color, and communities facing the worst of Republicans’ horrible policies,” according to her fundraising website.

Here are four: 1.) Unplanned pregnancies would drop dramatically. Most of the women getting abortions (83%) are unmarried.

This would unquestionably bring marriage back into the fold, which would in turn bring fathers back into their children's lives, which would in turn result in fewer social ills.The progressive activist is outspoken on Twitter about her political beliefs.Earlier this year, Milano called for a “sex strike” after states passed laws limiting abortion to the detection of a fetal heartbeat.Yes, there's a direct link between America's casual attitude toward sex and what Heather Mac Donald rightly points out is the biggest "social catastrophe of our age": fatherlessness.Trace America's social ills to their roots, and you’ll find the same source: a broken or never-formed family, which almost always results in fatherless homes.

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  1. But since I was typing behind a screen, I’ve found the courage to say So when the time came for me to turn down uncomfortable requests on dates in real life, because of the practice I had, I found I could do it far more easily.

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