Am i dating a controlling man

If he's not understanding of your busy schedule, or your priorities, once you've laid them out, then he may not ever be. __More Ways to Get Glamour Visit for cute stuff starting at just ! When you first begin to date a new guy, you may not notice any signs of controlling behavior.

He will not want you to be around other men, and he may even try to limit your interactions with your friends (both male and female).When I leave work I head straight to his house and usually stay there the entire weekend.When I don't, he throws tantrums and threatens to not see me for days at a time or to break up altogether.He will wonder what you are doing when you are not with him, and he will be concerned that you may be seeing another man.A controlling boyfriend may call frequently to check up on you and to confirm your location.

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Without feeling like a secretary, or trapped, make him aware of your schedule.

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