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“As I got a little older, I know I started to listen to a lot of Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson and Alabama, to name a few.” The locker rooms of today can boast the energy of a dancefloor at times, whether that’s leading up to a game getting started, or when the euphoria of a win is flowing brilliantly through a team.Despite a less-than-satisfactory 2016 by the standards they had set, FC Kansas City have had much reason to celebrate and let loose in recent years.“It wasn’t exactly the largest of spaces for twenty-some ladies to be crammed into, so sure enough, someone was always feeling the need to entertain us. Much like her Stanford team, she didn’t have to look hard for the big characters around her, with plenty of famous faces there to deliver a performance whether there was a soccer field at their feet or not.We had some pretty energetic people, but I would have to say some of the big dancers/performers were probably Natalie Spilger, Callie Withers, Marcia Wallis and Alisan Pabon.” College is a good grounding for plenty of aspects of life and Stanford was ultimately the jet bridge leading onto the flight of Nicole’s international career, after she’d represented the U. As she thinks back, one of those she was with recently again at FCKC takes top billing in her thoughts.“I can remember we would sit by our stereo waiting for certain songs to come on so that we could record them on to our cassette tape to be able to listen to whenever we wanted…okay, now I’m dating myself a bit.I can also remember we had this little personal stereo player made by Fisher-Price, called a Pocket Rocker.A National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) champion in 20, it is a calmer beat that surrounds Nicole off the field.A keen artist, she paints the picture of a relationship she holds with music that is somewhat removed from the archetypal ‘pump-up’ vibe many athletes go for.

From 71 games (66 starts), she set a school record by keeping 35 shutouts, as well as registering an all-time best 0.45 goals-against average.

The rapid winger and recent Arsenal signing has earned many mentions from teammates on here for this particular party trick of sorts in recent years, so it’s only right that 2017 follows on the tradition!

“There are always the people who think they can sing, and then people who can actually sing!

Before she would write her name in the history books, she had to contend with limited playing time as a freshman, before being hit with a serious test of resolve as she tore her ACL in 2001 with her sophomore season on the horizon.

Resilience has been a co-star in her motion picture, and she would display it in abundance after having to redshirt her sophomore year.

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“On top of all of that, we had a great collection of records in our family, and I seemed to always gravitate towards some in particular: Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and Billy Joel.

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