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If they don’t, the contestant has to choose between the date they picked… I thought we were trying to build relationships here!It’s a cynical ploy to inject some drama into the show, and it just ends up undermining all the talk of “love” and “connection” we hear from the daters.The new version does add a few modern tweaks, like the daters recording selfie confessionals after the date, but the too-talky format feels oddly sterile. ) Before we get any further, I need to address the show’s set… I don’t know why every TV game show set has to look like — which debuted almost two decades ago!

“Why is Uncle Anderson wearing his NYC sneakers on the carpet that Benny will eventually crawl on?! Cohen had been “spotted on dating apps after welcoming baby" — meaning Scruff and Grindr. When Andy Cohen, the Bravo TV personality and “Real Housewives” maestro, became a new father last month, he did what most proud parents do: He shared photos of his newborn on Instagram.“This is my son, Benjamin Allen Cohen,” Mr. ” The photo garnered more than one million likes; commenters gushed over Benjamin’s size and full head of dark hair. But the oohing and ahhing were soon interrupted by a bitter streak of unsolicited advice and judge-y critiques.“This baby is not even a month old. Thus in that carrier he can suffocate himself,” a commenter wrote on a photo of Mr.Cohen posted to his three million followers, along with a black-and-white photograph of his baby in a hospital beanie nestled up against his bare chest. Cohen aboard a private plane, with his son strapped to him in a baby carrier. Cohen’s dog sniffing Benjamin’s nose spurred warnings about germs and bites. While being judged is a rite of passage for all new parents, up there with the sleepless nights and dirty diapers, Mr. Cohen seems to have attracted more than his fair share of sniping.

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