Are jason momoa and emilia clarke dating

And how does a donkey named Freya fall into the mix?

Take a deep dive into their quirky relationship and find out.

But Momoa’s long locks still play a major part in the couple’s relationship.

It seems that the bond between Momoa and Bonet is not completely unbreakable. Apparently, Bonet is a huge fan of Momoa’s long locks. News that “my wife would leave me if I cut my hair, so I just don’t cut my hair.

They both described feeling “fireworks.” But where did it go from there, and what does Momoa’s hair have to do with it? And if you are Jason Momoa, he even grew out his hair length for love.

Both the actress, who reprises her role as Wonder Woman, and Momoa, who makes his debut as Aquaman, are in London to promote the movie.He went on to call himself a “full-fledged stalker.” Kind of strange, Jason! After years of Momoa’s self-proclaimed “stalking” of Bonet, anyone can imagine that their first meeting would be anything but standard.Luckily, Momoa chose not to tell Bonet about this until after they had already had two children together, “otherwise it would be creepy and weird,” he said. The two bumped into eachother at a jazz club where they were meeting mutual friends., Momoa revealed that he “actually dreaded my hair almost for her.I had dreadlocks, she had dreadlocks,” match made in heaven!

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