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"(You're the) Devil in Disguise" and its flipside, "Please Don't Drag That String Around", was recorded for a full-length album that was scheduled for release in 1963, but RCA chose instead to release the album piecemeal on singles and as soundtrack album bonus tracks.Bass singer Ray Walker, of the gospel vocal group The Jordanaires (who also worked as Presley's backing vocalists for much of his career), is featured in the song, singing the repeated phrase, "Oh, yes, you are," before the song's fade.Punk rock band The Misfits covered the song on the extended edition of Project 1950, an album which also contained a cover of Presley's "Latest Flame". The Residents, Tom Green, Ronnie Mc Dowell, Showaddywaddy, and Peter Kraus have also recorded the song. Singles Christians, it seems, can get bombarded from all sides in spiritual attack.Even I made the mistake of thinking my sister had it easier than myself because she had a husband she could confide in.

They cannot fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts, only God can do that.

The song peaked at number three in the US on the Billboard singles chart on August 10, 1963 and number nine on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues singles chart, becoming his last top ten single on the Rhythm and Blues charts.

In 1963, when the song was debuted to a British audience on the BBC television show Juke Box Jury, the celebrity guest John Lennon voted the song "a miss" stating on the new song that Elvis Presley was "like Bing Crosby now".

How to combat this lie: Analyze how much time you spend on pursuing a future spouse, whether it takes over your thoughts, or you spend hours on dating apps or at blind dates people in your church may set up for you.

Ask yourself if there are ways you can be better spending your time to change God’s kingdom. Sometimes our churches make it out to be this way, even though the Apostle Paul lauded singleness as a gift (1 Corinthians 7).

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