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Their fascinating histories and charm made me want to learn more on a second or third date.

It felt like there was so much to learn from someone with a different background — and a different culture.

Diolli specializes in finding meaningful connections for people willing to travel for love.

Both men and women turn to Diolli for finding romance internationally, and the matchmaking service has more than 100 marriages to its credit.

“We provide traditional matchmaking services and Diolli is an offline dating service.

The women who make the matches and organize events are all well-educated, with Master’s degrees, speak numerous languages — and are also super-sexy.

“While speaking at the Matchmaking Institute conference, I proudly showed photos of the Diolli team of cupids, and someone in the audience joked that I scout them at modeling agencies,” Svetlana said.

“Ladies have to wear high heels to attend, and each event has a unique dress code. “Usually we recruit a lot of ladies to join Diolli during such events.

We love recruiting offline.” Another new feature the site is rolling out this year is an educational platform called Cupid on Duty.

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