Asus p527 updating to wm6 1

I for one am happy that i-mate has committed to provide support for Win Mo 6.1 see here: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Press Release Quote: Industry Embraces Windows Mobile 6.1 Partners from around the globe are committed to updating or expanding their portfolios to Windows Mobile 6.1 beginning in the second quarter of 2008, demonstrating the strong industry demand for software that delivers one phone for all aspects of a persons life.

It rests and you close your palm, feels just right.I will report on the responsiveness of the system to input once I finally turn it on.I was a bit concerned about the 5 position 'nub' but it seems that it is well designed and the action is positive, at least mechanically.Moving along, in the back though the micro SD slot is not under the SIM slot or the battery, it is still under the battery door, to the side of the unit.Obviously I haven't powered it up to see if it will take my 8GB micro SDHC card yet so I am just as curious to find that out as the rest.

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