Average cost of dating services

Dining: The average cost of one appetizer and two entrees at a mid-range restaurant is approximately .00, including tax.With 20 percent gratuity, that comes to a total of .00 per meal.

“With matchmaking, [the matchmakers] do all the vetting by having the first date for you.

When I asked if she had any regrets about the money she spent on a matchmaking service, she reminded me that the cost of true love is always worth the investment.

The big question of who should pay on dates hasn’t changed much over the years.

Let’s put the real cost of dating into perspective.

Here is an estimate based on an average conservative cost estimate of two dates per week in my hometown, Chicago, Illinois: Transportation: Average fare in Chicago, (from Sherpa Share, published by Nerd Wallet) is .73 (Uber) to .50 (Lyft), averaging .00 round trip.

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Drinking: A beer in Chicago is about $6.00 (datascope analytics, Brian Lange) and a cocktail in downtown Chicago averages $12.00 on the low side (Expatistan).

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