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If pandered to, ebonics can only lead to ghetto-ization.

Marxism uses the same culturally neutral logic as Affirmative Action.

In August of 1942 Allan was united in marriage to Katherine Wismer in Jackson, MS.

Two children were born to their union, William and Anne.

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Refusal to acknowledge this fact does not provide a way forward.In assuming that all differences in achievement are due to unreasonable bias, it also undermines values.Rather than hard work, anger at injustice becomes the way forward. In the USSR the failure to understand human nature cost tens of millions of lives.As this culturally neutral outcome is impossible, such a stance can only lead to permanent discontent, resentment, and grievance. If Asians are beating whites in college admissions, or whites are beating blacks in passing fire-fighting tests, the answer is personal or cultural responsibility.

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