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Kevin profusely apologized to his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, and his kids on Instagram Saturday ...

saying he recently made some mistakes he deeply regrets.

So what are the chances Danielle will also diss at Taylor? But will Bieber get an invite to the Mayweather vs. canadian singles dating site internet adult dating site sheridan smith dating dating game online buy and sell dating free adult local dating dating in asia blind dating video women dating younger guys adult dating dating florida free fish in the see dating lesbian dating websites kindred spirits online dating internet dating story jewish personals free dating services in south personality test dating michelle kwan dating dating detective heart service horses dating horse online dating midnightride digital dating free internet dating service jewish personals free live dating chat bi fem dating sites boyfriends and dating advice free e-mail dating free safe dating chris carrabba dating dating website no relative dating using cratering distribution homosexual dating elementary dating the NBA legend has been ordered to pay more than 0k to a famous auction house for backing out of a deal to sell a bunch of his memorabilia ...

Kareem had been at war with Julien's Auctions for years -- after a 2012 deal to sell 400 items went south.

"Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli looks up to Taylor Swift ... We got Danielle at LAX Thursday and broke the news to her -- her single "These Heaux" is No. right behind Taylor's "Look What You Made Me Do." Check it out ... has his son's back in his beef with Justin Bieber -- saying the pop star unfairly kicked Floyd to the curb just because he found God. is furious with his former friend -- who's been distancing himself after some counseling from his church. who says he doesn't really know if the two will ever be able to bury the hatchet.

Danielle's relishing that a newbie like her can already rival a giant mega star like Taytay. Bieber even decided to unfollow Floyd on Instagram as part of a bigger plan to back away from people who don't share the same Christian values. He also said Justin needs to be true to himself -- but just because he's a godly man now doesn't mean Floyd has to change. Floyd's still the same guy who had your back in the past -- you shouldn't push him away now. tid=3158 7x Fx0Emdn Nh1x6vmu Te BGu0AQh Pz L75V5pvb7Kc1JQLkl1g D3ow Bad news for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ...

TMZ broke the story on Sunday, the "situation" was an extortion plot in which someone was demanding as much as 8 figures to keep a sexually explicit video under wraps.

Jones went to Twitter to answer a fan who demanded the UFC star should "just tell the truth any why!!

everybody will respect you more for it." Jones replied, "Dude the truth is I would never do steroids, I put that on my children and I put that on my Heavenly Father." Kanye West has reached out to Jay-Z to bury the hatchet in their latest feud ... thread_id=3509 7x Fx0Emdn Nh1x6vmu Te BGu0AQh Pz L75V5pvb7Kc1JQLkl1g D3ow Find me here!!!

She's also had experience in the labor department.

She's the mother of 2 small boys, so she knows the drill.

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