Bainite self accomodating shear strains

Classification of the transformation products of austenite [9].

All of the displacive transformation products cause a shape change on transformation. Edmonds) Materials Science and Technology 3 1987 432-440.

The reconstructive transformations involve a lot of diffusion.

Their formation is only accompanied by a volume change and unlike the displacive transformation products, they do not grow with a plate shape. Edmonds) Materials Science and Technology 3 1987 422-431.

Little is known about the effect of stress on the development of microstructure in steel welds.

This paper contains an assessment of published data together with a description of the theory that is available for dealing with stress-affected transformations in steels.

They need not be accompanied by a change in chemical composition, but it is worth emphasising that reconstructive transformations cannot be sustained without the diffusion of all atoms.

This shape change is an invariant-plane strain with a large shear component.

The much smaller dilatational component of strain is directed normal to the habit plane (invariant-plane).

Hence, when austenite transforms into grain boundary allotriomorphic ferrite, there is a uniform expansion, and vice-versa.

Much more interesting deformations are associated with displacive transformations, where the shape change is in general described as an invariant-pane strain with a large shear component.

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The latter case represents displacive transformations, in which the pattern of atomic arrangement is altered by deformation.

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