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It also put back into the news a woman who, with the exception of an episode involving a fake ID and an attempt to buy alcohol as a teenager, has flown mostly under the radar in the last five years.“She has always been the type of progressive, free-minded thinker Yale is known for,” said C.

Bush may have been a staunchly pro-life politician, but today his daughter, Barbara Pierce Bush, gave the keynote address at a Planned Parenthood luncheon at the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Carter: Egypt Proves Bush Right One thing Bush didn’t seem terribly interested in, according to classmates from Yale, was Skull & Bones, the famed secret society that helped lead to the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency.

“I heard she was asked but turned it down,” said the former classmate. She always seemed that way to me, but I guess I had friends who were Republicans and it didn’t really come up, because even my Republican friends from Yale are liberal in the way they conduct their social lives.”After she got out of school, Bush moved to the West Village and became a fairly regular presence on the social scene, showing up at big events like the Unicef Snowflake Ball and the American Museum of Natural History’s Winter Dance, frequently accompanied by her photogenic friend Maggie Betts, the African-American daughter of Republican donor Roland Betts.

Jenna, I think, is a little more in line with her parents, the marriage in Texas, the Today show job.

Barbara has always seemed a bit more intellectual, which would lend itself to this sort of thing.

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