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From the 1860s they adhered to revolutionary dietary and health principles, based on the teachings of Ellen White. John Harvey Kellogg, the director of the world-renowned Battle Creek Sanitarium.The "San," as it was known locally, was famous around the world for its water and fresh air treatments, exercise regimens and diet reform.Named for a skirmish between a government land surveyor and two Indians which took place seven miles away and almost 175 years ago, Battle Creek is proud of its rich and varied past.Known in different eras of its history as the Queen City, Health City and the International City, today Battle Creek is Cereal City, the "best known city of its size in the country." The village of Battle Creek began as a market and mill center for prairie farmers.The San doctors were universally recognized for their diagnostic, surgical and medical expertise. John Harvey Kellogg, the director of the world-renowned Battle Creek Sanitarium.One of the first to realize that "you are what you eat," Dr.

It was the home of Nichols & Shepard and Advance threshing machine companies, supplying agricultural implements to farmers of the great plains of America and Russia. Squier was a pioneer in creating an American Company which produced violins and instrumental strings for musicians around the world.

By the last part of the nineteenth century, the city developed into a major industrial center supplying a variety goods, including agricultural machinery, steam pumps, violin strings and newspaper printing presses, to markets around the world.

Currently an international business center and amateur sports capital, Battle Creek was once a health and diet reform mecca for the chronically ill.

As the birthplace of the cereal industry, Battle Creek was known around the world.

As an army town, it was the basic training site for American soldiers during both world wars, and the home of the famous Percy Jones Orthopedic Hospital. When pioneer land speculator Sands Mc Camly stood at the confluence of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo rivers in 1831, he knew he had found an ideal location for a settlement.

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Among several new products developed for this regime was Granose, a ready-to-eat breakfast food made of flaked, baked wheat kernels. While he was there he became fascinated by the marketing potential of the new health foods, including a grain-based coffee substitute.

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