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After their mini-tour leading them through the English county of Sheffield in December and January, BBBlack Dog is incredibly in-tuned to one another, which can also be attributed to the professional backgrounds of all members.

(translated from German) - Guestlist 3 track review Love A tight American drum sound scurries busily through this track, and punctuates the lazy mid Atlantic vocals.

Part black metal, part brooding love song, the track staggers, and darkly waltzes to its bassy feedback fade.

Gorgeously gothic, and sung with equal sinister relish, BB Blackdog avoid being shoe horned into a narrow genre, and place their strength in producing a spectrum of competent and well written tracks.

Women For those who wondered what The Doors would of gone on to create, “Women” is a good theory, for that matter Hawkwind would also be applicable. This is one of the most unique songs I've heard on this website. Since then, they have been best of friends despite their eclectic musical backgrounds in bands including Incubator, Super Kraut. Garage - Kiel News, 6 February 2008Highly Vital Rock ’n’ Roll Fossil Kiel – They met each other at a party.The breadth of the bands musical style is equitable to the experience of its band members.As central components to significant bands and albums, BB Blackdog are an encyclopaedia of music business knowledge in one creative unit.

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