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I’ve built my life on my own, without the help of really anyone (other than my parents).I make my own income, I make all my own decisions, I’m independent and strong, opinionated and educated.I take care of myself, not for anyone, but for myself.I have a truly amazing, supportive friend circle, various hobbies and dreams.But I know I have a ton of attributes that should be working in my favor, so why does it feel like they aren’t? I work in news broadcast and he works in sports radio broadcast. It no longer felt like it was just a casual “watching all the stories on his dash” thing from him.

Summer was in full swing and I was enjoying every bit of my single life.

But either way at the very least I hope to keep her as a friend. We went to the top of the mountain by school and watched the sky line until 4am. He made me lunch and I bought us breakfast the next morning.

I'm happy and proud of myself for getting out there. For initial context: I’m a 26F living in a large metropolitan city in the PNW.

And even after all my 26 years on this planet, I still can’t figure out if men want you to “need” them or if they find this annoying.

There’s a super fine line between wanting and needing a man, and I haven’t figure it out yet.

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I checked in with him a few days later, and he told me what he had been up to, and that he planned go on a road trip with friends that weekend. A few days after that I sent another text, and came in a little hotter this time, basically saying I’d love to go out again if he’s free.

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