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Food-wise, we especially like the steak tacos and chipotle chicken enchiladas.

If nothing else, you will at least figure out how good your date is at using an eyedropper, since for some reason, that’s how you add hot sauce to your food here.

Or, maybe you just got dumped three hours ago and surprised yourself with how quickly you could score a phone number.

No matter why you’re single, you’d rather not be, and that’s where we come in.

You were chatting about music when your date texted you that Mumford and Sons is “so raw and experiential” and the only logical thing to do was lie through your teeth and say “I have every album on vinyl.” Eventually you’ll have to admit that you initially thought Mumford and Sons was a shoe repair shop, but for now, make moves to The Sexton.

This small Ballard bar is basically folksy music personified as a drinking establishment.

If you suspect that your date is a fun person (or need a foolproof way to find out), New Luck Toy is the place to go.

Pablo y Pablo is a Mexican spot in Wallingford that seems like it was designed for first dates - the big bar and candelit small tables make it perfect for getting to know someone.

And as an added bonus, it’s not terribly loud (or awkwardly quiet) in here.

This is a casual but exciting bar full of paper lanterns, golden cat ornaments, pinball machines, alcoholic slushies, and delicious Chinese food.

Toast with frozen prickly pear margaritas and an order of General Tso’s chicken before tearing up the skee-ball court, and if your date doesn’t seem to be delighted by all of this, there’s a chance he or she is actually a cyborg.

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