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Due to its isolated location, Bishop is hundreds of miles away from major cities like Sacramento and San Francisco, with nearby Fresno still a five-hour drive away.

There are exciting events held throughout the year in town like the Bishop Mule Days Festival held each Memorial Day weekend.

Mount Whitney is the tallest point in the contiguous United States, and Death Valley National Park has some of the lowest.Bouldering is a great alternative for those who don’t like heights while hiking to mesmerizing waterfalls proves to be a popular pastime.You can camp out in some of the park’s campgrounds with your Bishop motorhome rental, leaving you in prime position to wake up early and get your day started right.Existing as the sole incorporated city in all of Inyo County, Bishop is a small town in eastern California, high up in a mountain valley surrounded on all side by towering ranges.The town is named for Bishop Creek, a waterway that originates up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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