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💥 See you next Monday for an all-new #The Hills: New Beginnings.Miley Cyrus isn't happy that Brody Jenner has dragged her ex, Liam Hemsworth, into the drama with his estranged wife, Kaitlynn Carter.this week, just a few days after Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their separation.Carter herself is also recently separated from husband Brody Jenner.After doing motherly things like checking his cabinets for nutritious food and saging the house, the two also talked about Brandon's strained relationship with his father."We're not really on speaking terms yet," said Brandon, who got into a physical altercation with Tommy Lee last year. In a confessional, Brandon added, "Me and my dad have had our ups and downs for sure.If you share anything, any kind of opinion, it seems like you just get shredded." that the two women are "just having fun." "Really, only time will tell if Miley and Kaitlynn will last, but right now they are being a support for one another during a tough time and enjoying their time together," they added. Have you subscribed to Group Chat, Pop's official reality tv podcast yet? Listen as the the Group Chat crew locks in Episode 2 talking about 'Bachelor' frontrunners, some serious 'Teen Mom 2', Javi drama, the VMAs and how amazing Missy Elliot is, and some awesome 'RHOBH' news!

Their dinner was filled with the awkward pauses and overlong stares "The Hills" has always been known for -- and may or may not have ended with them hooking up again.At 23, he's much younger than the rest of the cast, though said he's friends with Brody Jenner.He had just moved into his first home, with mom Pamela Anderson swinging by for her very first visit.Neither would say what happened when the cameras stopped rolling.Last, but not least, was Brandon Thomas Lee's introduction.

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