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Then I was like, 'I have to shoot her.'" Despite the chill atmosphere on set — the crew sits around eating cashews out of plastic baggies and talking about must-see TV between takes — Brooke is nervous about being back. "Every single morning before I get to work and the night before, I can't sleep. I feel sick in makeup and I know it's just my nerves. I think it's because I care more this time." In the scene they're filming today, which, by the way, is being shot at the weirdest house ever that boasts a jail set and an underground bunker in the nearby hillside, two guests who met at the wedding are having sex in their hotel room.It's a "passion" scene, meaning no hardcore fucking.(Please don't think too much about this analogy, because it is terrible.) Brooke's wake-up call came in the form of her husband telling her that if she didn't like doing it, she should stop. As expected, undergrad life for a 9-year porn veteran is a little different than it is for an 18-year-old right out of high school.She says that snapped her out of it, and she knew she had to quit and do some serious soul searching. However, she was honest with some of them about her past and found them honest about her future job prospects. '" Her professor told her to mention the mainstream publications she'd been featured in as a model, but warned her that "Any business is going to Google you and they're going to know about the business.— it's not unheard of for a girl to be shooting barely legal at 18 and then transition to MILF at 25.Instead, Brooke is jumping in where she left off, and the demand is high.

"In this business, it's unheard of for girls to be working that long. I put out so many movies doing the exact same thing. ' I just wanted to learn more and learn it in a safe environment." So she quit porn and went to college at a California state university.It's "making love," if you will, but in the very acrobatic way that two people who are in love and are also porn stars like to bone. "When they told me Brooke was booked for this job, I was like, 'Wait, like Brooke?Brooke's co-star for the scene is a new-ish sensation to porn known simply as Small Hands (which, by the way, does not correlate to the size of his penis! Hell yeah, I'll fucking do it." Small Hands, whose real name is Aaron and who got into porn via dating Joanna Angel, says he grew up knowing about Brooke."When I saw she was back, I was like, 'There's no way that's the same girl.She looks exactly the same.' At first I thought it was someone stealing her pictures because she hasn't aged.

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