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Needle bearings are used in applications where high load capacity, high precision and small overall dimensions are required. The strength of Nadella’s production consists also in the ability of producing special items at a reasonable price.

This engine is a dual overhead cam (DOHC) design, utilizing unique right and left castings with four valves per cylinder.Two camshaft position (CMP) sensors are located between the timing wheels.Attached to the rear of the right exhaust camshaft is a centrifuge which is part of the crankcase ventilation system.Remove both cylinder head covers, ignition coils and spark plugs. While the oil control valve removal procedure is detailed in the appropriate service manual. Following these marking procedures will ensure proper re-installation of the oil control valves.Caution: The magnetic timing wheels must not come in contact with any magnets or strong magnetic fields Rotate the left camshafts counterclockwise to position the alignment holes approximately 30º before TDC.

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Position each cam follower onto the valve lifter and valve stem.

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