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It’s kind of like comparing youth baseball to professional football.

Sure, they are both sports, but the stakes are much higher in one and rules are completely different. In other words, a woman should not follow the leadership of a man who has not committed to be there for the rest of her life.

God does not require a girlfriend to stay with her boyfriend even when she is hurt by his behavior.

In short, a boyfriend and girlfriend are not biblically responsible for one another.

He doesn’t get to lead and then tell his wife to take care of her own needs.

With the role of leadership comes the responsibility of providing, protecting, and cherishing his wife in a special way.

The word “responsibility” has been tainted with all kinds of negative connotations.

Responsibility in marriage, however, should never be seen as a burden but as a blessing.

So rather than taking responsibility for the spiritual development of his girlfriend, a boyfriend should respect his girlfriend need for spiritual development.They should submit to the boundaries God has placed around the other person’s unmarried body. I must respect your body and sexuality.” In summary, a boyfriend and girlfriend should not pretend to be husband and wife.They should not take on the responsibilities of marriage like a husband leading his wife.She should not expect him to take on the responsibility of taking care of her if she is not prepared to respect and support his leadership as God directs to happen in Christian marriage (Ephesians -33).A Christian Boyfriend and Girlfriend Should Focus on Respect (Verb Form) Rather than Responsibility Marriage comes with responsibilities.

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