Carbon 14 dating papyrus fragments

So palaeography doesn’t give us such specific dates.

Radiocarbon dating Radiocarbon analysis is great when we’re dealing with questions of large chunks of time.

Palaeography Palaeography, the analysis of handwriting, is, for better or worse, the main way that we assign dates to undated ancient manuscripts.

This method can work reasonably well when you have lots of examples with exact dates—you can make informed comparisons of undated samples of handwriting with dated samples.

But before we do, it might be a good idea to take the opportunity to reflect a bit on just how we go about establishing dates for undated Greek manuscripts.

A couple things about this story made those of us who spend our days studying early Christian manuscripts scratch our heads.

Let’s say such a mask is taken apart, and it contains a bunch of documents (letters, receipts, tax records, etc.) that all date within a given period, say from the years 220-100 BC (most mummy masks made with waste papyri are Ptolemaic, not Roman).

To name just three: First of all, ancient scribes could have pretty long working lives, 30-50 years.

How would we know a first-century manuscript if we saw one???

Here is his succinct and lucid summary of how scholars date ancient manuscripts, from a leading authority, in his own words. ************************************************************** Despite all the excitement about the alleged “first century” fragment of Mark’s gospel, a recent report suggests that, in fact, the papyrus!

The results looked like this: 50 BC – 80 AD, probability 95.4% 5 BC – 55 AD, probability 57.6% What we get are ranges of dates and probabilities that the of the artifact falls within this range.

So the wider the range, the greater the probability that the actual date of the artifact falls somewhere within that range.

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That’s because radiocarbon dates (when they are reported accurately) are expressed in terms of ranges and probabilities.

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