This website uses cookies to enhance user navigation and to collect statistical data.For more information please click on the following our cookie policy.It is linked to a user's real life identity which further links to a user's bank account and/or debit/credit card.A user only needs to know the recipients e-mail address to send payments.If you answered "yes" to the questions above then we’ve got the job for you!At Flirt Bucks we’re looking for Chat Hostesses - motivated women who enjoy chatting and socializing online and are looking to earn big bucks.If the order is not fixed then this perhaps has consequences in terms of deadlock (one session getting it in order (t1, t2) and the other getting it in the order (t2, t1).August 21, 2003 - pm UTC consider it "atomic" for all intents and purposes.

You should either break up the SQL statement into multiple single table cursors or specify the FOR August 22, 2003 - am UTC I think the deadlock concerns are way overrated probability of them happening is extremely small.

For example, the above cursor can be rewritten as follows: CURSOR lock_departure(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select departure_id from WSH_DEPARTURES where DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FORUPDATE NOWAIT; CURSOR lock_deliveries(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select delivery_id from WSH_DELIVERIES where ACTUAL_DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; CURSOR lock_line_details(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select line_detail_id from SO_LINE_DETAILS where DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; CURSOR lock_picking_details(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS select picking_line_detail_id from SO_PICKING_LINE_DETAILS where DEPARTURE_ID = x_dep_id FOR UPDATE NOWAIT; Begin OPEN lock_departure(entity_id); CLOSE lock_departure; OPEN lock_deliveries(entity_id); CLOSE lock_deliveries; OPEN lock_line_details(entity_id); CLOSE lock_line_details; OPEN lock_picking_details(entity_id); CLOSE lock_picking_details; End; In summary, do not code a SQL statement that performs an unqualified lock via the FOR UPDATE clause.

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I don't think the alternative of breaking up into multiple cursors is a good idea - I would instead specify the tables to be locked in a single query.

"SQL statements that lock rows should be analyzed carefully to insure that deadlock and lock ordering issues are avoided.

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