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Newport (079 982) 5678 became Saffron Walden (0799) 825678, nowadays (01799) 825678.

The local number would be padded with extra fixed digits (if needed) to make up the new total length e.g.

As time wore on and number shortages became more acute, local numbers were gradually converted to five-figure or six-figure numbers, and the STD code changed to the (0xxx) format.

In many cases the initial digits of the new local number would be formed from digits previously at the end of the old STD code e.g.

These were: The codes 071, 081, and 091 were reserved for later expansion, with the former two eventually being temporarily allocated to London (see below).

Within the director areas, the first three digits of the seven digit subscriber number would relate to the local telephone exchange on which the number could be found.

Post 2000, only a dozen places have long STD codes with five-digit local numbers.Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom have a structure that reflects their historical demands, starting from many independent companies to a system that supports many different services including cellular phones which were never initially envisaged.all except the telephone service of Kingston upon Hull and Guernsey had been bought out by the Post Office.After the advent of all-figure dialling the number would be 0. The use of names was intended to provide a mnemonic for the exchange in the same way as for the Director system, but as more and more places were given STD codes the mnemonic link became more and more obscure, and this system became unworkable.Also, international direct dialling was being introduced and as other countries (such as the USA) had different assignments of letters to digits the opportunity for confusion existed.

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These were usually three-digit letter codes, based on the first three letters of the exchange name e.g.

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