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When you just keep trying the same thing you’ll keep getting the same results, just get advice and value your time.

More and more guys are getting clued up on Tinder Tactics and learning how to pick up women.

Girls have it easy, how difficult it is for an average looking girl with terrible chat to get laid on Tinder? However an average guy with no chat and no behaviour skills has almost zero chance of getting laid as a result of his Tinder efforts.

This is re-coining the phrase “getting lucky”, some guys literally feel lucky that they were accepted, that is not how it should be ! Girls can rely on looks but men can’t, so there are subtle things about what you say, how you message, your timing and style that make you more attractive, but when you don’t know how then it is a nightmare to get consistent success on Tinder, or anywhere for that matter.

Before I learned some Tinder hacks: My Tinder game was terrible; the girls that I really wanted – I couldn’t even get close to.

I wasted so much time with Tinder messages that didn’t go anywhere, swiping for hours, even deleting my profile and starting again so I could try and get more matches.

I am average looking but I went from having almost zero dates to setting up 4 in one week, and that just didn’t happen before.

— Back to sucking with women — It was even worse in person.

And guess how many women are with a guy in last place?

= 0 Guess what, some quick easy tips and a little practice to see a dramatic difference.

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It is time to rise above your competition and get more attractive women.

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