Christopher lee craigslist dating scandal

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Taken together, they present a possible explanation to those who have wondered why such a tame “sex scandal” forced Lee’s hand so quickly. Advertising for transexuals is not okay, because it’s gay.

James Joyner is a Security Studies professor at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. And if Daniels were black, that’d be life without parole. And then sometimes a gear just slips and the results just ain’t pretty.

"The challenges we face in Western New York and across the country are too serious for me to allow this distraction to continue, and so I am announcing that I have resigned my seat in Congress effective immediately." The controversy erupted when Gawker reported that a Maryland woman had sent in emails supposedly written by Lee in response to a dating ad that she had placed on Craigslist.

Gawker said the ad had asked: "Will someone prove to me not all CL men look like toads? A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner told NBC News that it was Lee's decision to resign.

Republican Christopher Lee had just begun his second term representing New York's 26th District.

Just hours after the scandal broke on, Lee announced that he was quitting Congress, and a clerk read his letter of resignation on the House floor.

If a politician gets into office by pretending to be moral and a family man, he deserves to have the rug pulled out from under him if he does something dirty. If you are a conservative politician who has a family values image and who has talked about the sanctity of marriage, you have no credibility once these scandals arise. He deserves to be driven out of office if for no other reason than because he's too dumb to cheat on his wife via Craigslist without ruining his life, a task which methheads and Juggalos complete successfully on a daily basis"What don't these guys understand about the Internet? Why wouldn't the internet be an extension of their charmed lives? This man painted himself as a moral compass, voted against DADT and voted that those serving in the military do not have control over their reproductive rights.

And he gave away way too much information; a cheater would say he was a Plumber or something. Whether it was deliberate or subconscious self-sabotage, that should be the real question here.

WASHINGTON — A married congressman from upstate New York resigned suddenly Wednesday after a scandal erupted over emails and a shirtless photo supposedly sent to a woman in response to a Craigslist dating ad.

It turns out Lee may have had good reason to step out of the spotlight so quickly: It wasn’t just women that the Craigslist Congressman was hunting for on the Internet. C.-area transgender women contacted us, each with a separate story about exchanging emails with the ex-congressman. Going after them anyway is not the best way to do that. Consenting adults, I don’t care if money was exchanged or one likes dressing as a baby.

One sent us an ad that Lee allegedly posted on Craigslist in search of trans women; the other sent us a never-before-seen photo that she says Lee sent her after they started chatting by email. I’m more bothered by the reports of Mitch Daniels having been arrested in college for possession of two large shoeboxes of pot, getting a 0 fine, and now supporting laws and sentencing that would ruin a kids life if that happened today. Gustopher: You obviously haven’t read the Official Republican Morality Manual. Beating a dealing rap is okay because Daniels was a middle-class white kid.

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