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Typically, you will have a customized web page for this purpose.

You may be able to re-use your existing web page with this new version of Click Once.

Right-click on the entry for that site and click either "Explore" or "Properties" (different versions of IIS manager have different menu entries).

The resulting information will tell you where your current Click Once directory is.

If you install a new version of Main Boss in the same location as the old one, Windows will look at that location, see that there's a new version, and install it on the user's computer.

For this reason, you may wish to arrange that most users continue using the Offline build.However, this can only be done by someone with Windows Administrator privileges.Alternatively, you could use Windows Server Manager to activage Windows Server Update Services.If so, make sure you tell your users to start Click Once at least once through the web page rather than just using the entries in their Start menus. Because if users start Click Once through their Start menus, Windows looks for the software .If the software can't be found (because it's been moved), Windows just uses the local version of Main Boss without issuing a message.

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This local version will be the old version of Main Boss, and will continue to be the old one until the user, at least once, executes the software through the web page and obtains the new software.

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