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Name=Identificateur de paramètres régionaux Dynamic Sig[2]. Value=1036 Friendly Event Name=Impossible de charger le pilote. One thing I have noticed is I no longer have the DT drive listed in "My Computer" and I don't know what to do to create it again.

Today (4 days after getting it fixed), i got onto the highway and everything was fine but once I got off and slowed down at a stoplight, the idle suddenly started getting much slower until it stopped. It happens in gear and in neutral while moving and stopped.

To reproduce, I add an iso image to the image folder inside DT, every thing goes fine.

I even have the icon changed to the one defined in the file.

it starts to die, maybe try opening the fuel tank to see if the engine picks up.

If it does, or if you hear air rush into the tank, it may mean the tank vent is clogged, which the tank to pull a vacuum and eventually starves the engine of gas. I hope the sharp people post How many miles on the bike? It needed the valves checked at 600 miles and 4000 and then every 400 I believe. Except for the gas smell, these same symptoms happened to me when I got a tank of gas that was contaminated with water.

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