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No institution resembling a law school had ever existed in New York.Most of the leading lawyers had obtained their training in offices or by private reading, and were highly skeptical as to the possibility of securing competent legal knowledge by means of professional schools. The clerks in the law offices were left almost wholly to themselves.Thus, the formal instruction of law as a course of study did not commence until the middle of the 19th century.The first law school building was a Gothic Revival structure located on Columbia's Madison Avenue campus.

Examinations for admission to the bar were held by committees appointed by the courts, who, where they inquired at all, sought for the most part to ascertain the knowledge of the candidate of petty details of practice.

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Dating back to 1887 Teachers College, Columbia University was founded in 1887 by the philanthropist Grace Hoadley Doge and philosopher Nicholas Murray Butler to provide a new kind of schooling for the teachers of the poor children in New York City, one that combined a humanitarian concern to help others with a scientific approach to human development.

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