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As Valentine's Day approaches, this topic becomes more and more relevant.

Chonda has been a widow for over 4 years and a lot of her friends think that it's time to get back into the dating scene.

There’s nothing more magnificent than a football player’s body.

All the power and immediacy that emanates from every movement, how fluid their bodies move, and the speed that they can push themselves to makes me so envious.

But while I'd reel off the tales, inside I would be cringing and judging myself.

Jenny Stallard uses comedy to give her perspective on experiences such as speed dating [ALAMY] Why was my life the subject of such amusement? I stoked the fire with my stories of disastrous nights out with men who lived with their mum. Initially the comedy course was a way to take my mind off being single, an eight-week Wednesday evening hobby.

She met a lot of interesting people on these various sites and she's sharing some of the best stories today. As Valentine's Day approaches, this topic becomes more and more relevant.

I sure hope we continue to hear more from this hilarious comedian. That's when they decided to sign her up for some online dating sites and that's where the hilarity starts.We have put together three hilarious activities that will challenge your comedic timing to the bone—your that is!Test your knowledge of all things funny in an ongoing game of comedy encore, but once you stop, you lose! Also, my personal favorite, try to get your spouse to guess the type of laugh!Because you have to giggle, chuckle, and maybe even snort in this silly guessing game you will be laughing your way through this game—it is required!Finally, put on your best poker face because in this sexy game laughing makes you lose—your clothes! To go along with this movie date, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite, clean (no R-Rated) comedy movies to make your decision a little easier!

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Just staring at a screen doesn’t always feel like the best way to get closer to your sweetie, but this is MUCH more than a typical movie night!

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