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Here I’m just pulling data out of predefined ranges.For example, I know sick hours are stored in P20, so I hardcoded the address.The proper thing to do would be to make named ranges. Finally, I spit the data back out via another read-only property, Time Array.I like having these read-only properties that return arrays.The coastal edge between Reñaca and Concón is studied for having different border conditions, mostly cliff and rocky.Performing a multi-variant Macro Study by sections, the most unfavorable place is identified from the emergency point of view to locate the project.

And in case you’re wondering, Regular is another read-only property so there’s no variable to read there.The listbox will return a base-zero array and I usually make a separate read-only property for that. Yet, when I use the property rather than the variable, I notice no difference.When I wrote the Time Array property, I definitely liked working with the module level variables (like md Vacation). I guess the apps I write just aren’t big enough for it to make a difference.The cls Time Sheet class has the property Last Name First. The employee name is stored in the class as it appears on the timesheet (first name first), and Last Name First is used to match that to what’s recorded on the summary sheet.What makes this a read-only property is that there isn’t a Let statement, only a Get statement.

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