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Oftentimes, the company pays for accommodation and other expenses during that person’s stay in the country.In the Czech Republic, the Ministry of the Interior handles immigration and this institution is highly bureaucratic. O may need a lot of capital, but the owner is then free from liabilities that may arise from the business.Expats find it easier to make friends in the Czech Republic once they attend one of the many events organised by expat groups.Perhaps a legacy of communism, customer service in the Czech Republic is not very good.Since the Czech Republic joined the EU, the real estate market has been booming, thanks to the influx of foreigners, strong growth of its middle class and the strength of the Czech koruna.Despite high demand, apartments in Prague are still cheaper compared to other major European capital cities.

For the more outdoorsy types, the Czech Republic is bordered by mountains and its forests are very well-preserved.

In a grocery store, even if there is enough manpower to open another cash register, customers often still wait patiently in line, not bothering to complain to the store manager about opening another register.

In some auto shops, an oil change can take the whole day with customers being at the mercy of the mechanic assigned to do the job.

Most expats who relocate to the Czech Republic are in senior positions.

Compared to locals, foreigners are generally very well-paid.

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