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Many gossip columns were written about this but later, as Elvira started to talk about her children in interviews, it was made clear that she was a mother.

Elvira has still not talked about whether or not she is married and thus, it is assumed that she has two children but is not married.

No one has come out in the media to state that he is the father of Elvira’s children.

Thus, there is little chance that we will know about their father in the near future.

Her father, Howell Stouten Wayans, was a supermarket manager Elvira was the fifth child and second daughter of the Wayans.

Movie credits include Major Payne, Celtic Pride, and Bulletproof.

Since they have Elvira’s maiden name, it is assumed that they do not have any attachments to their father.

Elvira has a large family and is close to everyone in the family.

He’s often shared the screen with his siblings Marlon, Shawn, Keenen, and Kim.

He also has five sisters, Elvira, Vonnie, Nadia, Kim, Diedre.

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