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She got into bed and I began kissing her and I thought I smelled cologne and cigarettes on her.She tasted like alcohol and what now I suspect was cock breath.His name was Mark and he worked for an advertising agency. Mark asked her if she wanted to go another club and she accepted. Tina said the atmosphere was completely different and at first she felt a little uncomfortable.She said there were a few other white women there with black men but most of the women were black.She said she was a little shocked at first but she liked his aggressiveness.As they danced she could feel his hands begin roaming her body and she could feel his cock growing against her in his pants.He told her to take her panties off and she said for some strange reason she wanted to obey him.

When she confessed her adultress ways Tom wanted was going to leave the marriage but somehow became turned on by her confessions.

Mark and her danced and it was much more sexual then the Holliday Inn. Women were rubbing against guys and dressed much sexier.

After a few dances Mark and she sat at a booth in the corner where he began making out with her.

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch where she said she felt one of the biggest cocks she had ever felt.

After awhile Mark just grabbed her hand and said lets go and they left and went to his place.

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Once inside he made her get down on her knees and told her to take out what she wanted. When I asked her how big it was she said she wasn't sure but it was thickest cock she had ever seen.

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