Dating 16 year old girl

My guess is that he will get fed up with the limitations and inevitable maturity gap and find dating a girl his age a lot more appealing.

First, check the statutorily rape laws where you live, you don’t want to find out the hard way that if they make a mistake and sleep together, he will be going away to jail.

Find out (I guarantee it's above 13) and make sure your son knows how serious underage sex is these days. But as long as her parents are ok with it, I would let it go.

He could be branded as a sex offender for life, literally. I was also 13 when I started highschool(late bday but I did turn 14 the 1st week of school).

The fact that they're not in the same school is a little worrisome... However, who wants a 16 year old son with a pregnant GF of any age?

You and the mom can sit st one table where they sit at another.

Yeah, this is odd and I would go as far as to say it’s not really okay.

I would ask your son what exactly he has in common with this middle schooler and have a long talk about boundaries considering her age.

He told me this a couple days ago and i'm not sure how to respond. And ask him if there is anyone in his cohort he fancies? I know my 16 yr old was roasting one of his buddies for dating a girl in the 8th grade. Internet privacy as well (depending on how they communicate..chatting or texting..fully clothed, if it looks like grooming could be a problem).

I think the age difference is too much, but i don't know if i should have him break it off. Even at that age they know that 'they are only dating a younger girl because they couldn't get someone in their grade to date them'. If age of consent in your state is particularly strict..are more than 2 years apart. Even most of those states listed as no "close in age" exemption statute have one by judicial decisions.

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It might be that some of those things aren't the case, but you get the picture: 16 and 20 can be quite different life stages in a way that 18 and 22, or 20 and 24, are not likely to be.

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