Dating a doctor

They can log on whenever they have a free hour — even if it’s in the morning — and send messages to the dating profiles that catch their eye.

The following three premium dating sites can meet the needs of doctors in the online dating scene.

I found every response to be worthwhile and helpful, regardless of what was said. Although, I know many who have non-med partners and do great.

Also, there's stricter work hour restrictions for residents now, so you'll max out at 80hrs. Programs can apply to push for an extra 10% and the field I'm planning on going into is the least compliant of all, though I think it's getting better. I'm not sure if I would want to date another going-to-be medical professional, especially at this stage, though maybe people cool down a bit once they actually become doctors.

According to Physicians Practice, “The biggest obstacle young physicians face when it comes to finding a mate: lack of time.” Online dating is a huge time saver for these single professionals.

They don’t have to waste time chatting up people at a bar.

Personally, I don't think I would date another doctor/med student.

If you are tired and stressed, but lash out when you are tired and're going to have a hard time getting along with an SO.

You will have to put effort in to making things work, so that your future girlfriend doesn't feel like she is always the one bending over for you. Like, don't forget her birthday (which my ex-boyfriend who was a med school student did), or try to plan for special occasions like that.

Well, having never dated one and this is only speculation, I would imagine I'd be alone, a lot.

There would have to be a pretty strong trust between both parties. SO's time some of my family are in the healthcare field, so I'm pretty understanding of the hectic schedule.

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