Dating a guy with diabetes type 1

For a long time, I thought type 1 diabetes was an unattractive trait.

For example, I didn’t like being naked because I have scar tissue on my hips from my insulin pump. According to a recent report from Accu-Check Connect and Roche Diabetes, Inc., 42 percent of people with diabetes (this includes both type 1 and 2) feel that the disease makes them seem less “dateable.” But this thinking is entirely focused on the external aspects of the disease.

This year, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary with type 1 diabetes.

It’s a lifelong condition that requires insulin treatment and wearing a pump on my hip or stomach.

I might be young—I’m 21—but over the years, I've realized that my diabetes has actually taught me a lot, and I’m grateful for that.

I’ve learned to have patience with myself and others, prioritize my health, and appreciate the pauses diabetes makes me take (whether that’s to check my blood sugar, take insulin, or talk about it—especially while getting to know a new guy).

Just as with almost everything with Type 1 diabetes, a healthy sex life requires dedication to staying healthy and, sometimes, a little advanced planning.

I’ve come to find that most often, he’s curious to hear about it.It's led to some humorous misunderstandings over the past decade—like when I tell people, “Yeah, I’m high right now,” and I really mean that I have high blood sugar. ) Here’s the thing: You wouldn’t know I was “sick” by looking at me.So when it comes to dating, I like to tell potential BFs about my diabetes early to minimize their surprise (and my anxiety over it, too).That being said, I haven’t always been so confident. I was a freshman in high school, and a senior I had a crush on asked me to dinner.He knew I was diabetic, but when my sweet potato enchiladas arrived, I didn’t check my blood sugar or take any insulin because I was too embarrassed to do it in front of him.

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That’s mainly because high blood glucose levels can cause vaginal dryness.

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