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Just days after he got the call, Hopwood flew to Miami. From the cover, 21-year-old Hopwood pouts at young people the world over, stooping slightly like he’s a little too tall for the frame—at 6’2”, he remains an ideal height for his chosen field.

He was broke, feeding on packs of seitan and cheap pizza until the checks started to roll in. He was immediately signed by his current agent, Jason Kanner, the Don Corleone of America’s hunkiest male models, and flown to New York.

Even if I didn’t already know who he was, I’d know he’s a model. Across the street is a particularly photogenic brick wall, where a model with waist-length hair poses before a large crew.

Hopwood didn’t think much of the call: His parents were going through a divorce, so he was staying with his girlfriend.

Then it all comes screeching to a halt in 2015, when Hopwood, male model and noted hair-haver, realizes his hair has begun to fall out.“You have to fit all the right categories,” the 28-year-old Hopwood says of modeling.

“It’s a genetic lottery that you play.” For a while there Hopwood checked every box—he had the height, the bod, the face, and the hair—but then suddenly he didn’t.

There have been times over the last few years when Hopwood has thought his alopecia would exclude him from the spectacle across the street forever, but now he's not so sure: Can a male model with hair loss make it in an industry that markets male perfection?

As a kid in South Africa, Hopwood had thick blond hair cut into a voluminous mushroom, like the boys in board-game commercials in the ’90s.

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He always looks at big shoots like this to see if he knows anyone in the crew.

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