Dating a shy man

Do not ask him to wash your clothes or other feminine chores that will actually hurt his ego.

Are you waiting for the man of your dreams to approach you and initiate a date? If the man is a shy guy, you might have to wait for years to enjoy the companionship that you crave and the great dating experience that you deserve.

When the two of you are far apart, you have the space to say things that you would not have said when you are together.

Take advantage of this and send kinky messages and images.

Men are naturally created to find attraction in women that they can help. It emphasizes this point in one of its most-read blog post titled Let him find something that he can do to contribute to the safety and comfort of your life.

Ask him to fix broken items such as the computer or coffee table.

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The result is an acrimonious union that lacks the vigor and fun that sex brings.

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